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Current Jetta is as big as B4 Passat

Jul 03, 2014 - 11:43 AM - by dasko

By Nick Dasko

I wonder if one of Volkswagen's product planners was walking through the museum and stopped at the B4 Passat, and thought yes that is the perfect size for the Jetta!

I get that model bloat happens with all companies and brands in the auto industry and it is de-riggeur now to have to invent a new entry-level car because the old car that held that slot is now so large it is at least one-rung up on the corporate ladder and is priced accordingly high.

But the Jetta in current form is now as big as a B4 Passat, a car that was already a stretched out version of the B3 Passat. The B4 was in production until 1997 meaning that within 17 years, the car has jumped one rung up in size. But then factor in that the Jetta has been with us in current form since 2010 and is currently undergoing a mid-cycle, drivetrain refresh and we begin to realize that there is only a 13 year gap.

Maybe that tells the future of future Passats and sizing...

We have had the current Jetta Sportwagen since 2010 (based on Golf I know, but I am going along with VW USA nomenclature) for a few years now, how long until it is the size of the current euro-market Passat wagon.

Maybe 15... [Read More]
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My favorite innovate Passat features

Jun 12, 2014 - 7:37 PM - by dasko
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By Nick Dasko

VolkswagenPassats have a lot of thought go into them to make them the ideal family car for the time.But they also reflect the corporate zeitgeist of an era. At the moment Volkswagen is trying to be very AMERICAN. Basically they want red, white and blue chicken nuggets to come out of the many cupholders. This is why the car seems to be so very big, and very cheap feeling.

But what it does have is a dual-clutch transmission or a manual, an optional diesel engine and a massive 18.5 gallon fuel tank. These cars can easily do 600 miles or more on one tank of diesel. If you value your kidneys or your relationship with your passengers, I suggest you stop for pee breaks way more than you need to stop for fuel.

Going back a generation to the B6, Passat with its transverse engines, this was the last global Passat the US got. It felt very European, like most Passats do. Being that European winters are quite rainy, it has a little slot on the driver's side door designed for an umbrella. That umbrella is a pain to to get and you can find one in a store that should fit. But if you are... [Read More]
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2015 VW Golf First Drive

May 14, 2014 - 10:27 AM - by AutoGuide.com

Volkswagen wants higher sales volumes in North America and so far, that’s proving to be a tough brass ring to pull down. Alone the Golf isn’t enough to fix that, but it will play a key role in making it possible.

If you’ve been watching the automotive media over the last year, there’s a good chance you know that the seventh generation Golf and its derivatives aren’t really new. In fact, it’s been about a year since they arrived in showrooms overseas.

Car nerddom comes with a status card and there’s a test prerequisite to holding one. On filled copies of that scroll, you’ll find a few things: tears drawn from years of loneliness, a smudge or two of soiled motor oil and probably some scrawling about the structures that underpin the cars being marketed at this housewife or that hedge fund manger. You see, it’s what’s inside that counts.

In Volkswagen’s case, the guts are really interesting. Currently, its models are in the midst of an exodus to the “MQB” platform. That stands for something in German, but it translates to “modular transverse matrix” in
... [Read More]
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